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Suffered a dead battery at an inconvenient time? All you need to know about car Batteries

What is the purpose of the car battery? The car battery is the power source for your vehicle. It provides electricity to start the engine and keep it running. The car battery also supplies power to run the lights, radio, heater or air conditioner, windshield wipers and other electric components of your vehicle. A car battery for a car is...

Just purchased a car? What do you need to know about auto maintenance?

Just purchased a car? What do you need to know about auto maintenance?

Just driven out of the showroom with a brand-new automobile. You are feeling ecstatic and cannot wait to roam around the roads with your new purchase showing it off to your family and friends. New cars in the UAE are typically purchased with service contracts from agencies representing the vehicle manufacturer. Depending on the agency, most...

Service parts

Other than service parts, what Auto spare parts commonly fail or require replacing?

Two items come to mind when talking about most frequent auto spare parts replaced due to wear, aside from tyres; these are brake pads and starter batteries. In relation to batteries, heat typically acts as the main culprit of car battery degradation. In the GCC heat, car batteries commonly last between 18 months and 2 years....

how to save on auto parts

Want to Save Money on Auto Parts?

You’ve just had your car dropped off at your local workshop for a routine service, a standard oil and filter replacement job. Two hours later, you get a call from your service advisor notifying you that your brake pads are wearing thin, and your discs are below the manufacturers recommended thickness; prompting you to consider replacing these car...

ajalty platform

Ajalty Platform

What is  Ajalty ?   Ajalty  is a UAE based service provider to the  Automotive  aftermarket parts  industry, using the power of  digitisation  to enhance the Auto Parts supply  chain process....

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