Want to Save Money on Auto Parts?

how to save on auto parts

You’ve just had your car dropped off at your local workshop for a routine service, a standard oil and filter replacement job.

Two hours later, you get a call from your service advisor notifying you that your brake pads are wearing thin, and your discs are below the manufacturers recommended thickness; prompting you to consider replacing these car parts.

You ask for a quotation and proceed to wait; the next thing you know a what’s app comes in with a rather large figure next to the line items mentioning Auto spare parts.

What would you do?

Most people would take the garage’s word for it or in the extremes contact another service center for an alternative quote.

There may a culture of overcharging oblivious customers in the market, even if your workshop is being honest with you; they perhaps lack the awareness of what Automobile spare parts are available.

Specifically, the market for spare parts for all cars lacks transparency here in the UAE.

Ideally, customers need to check at least three retailers in different area to ensure that they are not being taken for a ride.

Ajalty.com although primarily a B2B export auto spare parts online Marketplace, we seek to assist individuals navigate car spare parts Dubai issues.

Auto Parts can be a bit of rigmarole to get your head around; We at Ajalty.com aim to make Auto Parts purchasing straight forward.

The Auto Parts supply chain is fragmented but the emergence of service providers of car parts online is streamlining the process.

What is the Difference between Genuine, OE/OEM and aftermarket Auto Spare Parts?

The car spare parts Dubai market and UAE in general has been historically dominated by Genuine Auto Parts.

Genuine Auto Parts are either manufactured directly by the vehicle manufacturer or by a tier 1 car parts manufacturer (KYB Shock absorbers for Toyotaand Nissanor Wahler Thermostats for Mercedes to provide examples).

Ajalty offers a wide range of KYB shock absorbers through our regional car parts wholesale partners, click on the following link here to access the entire range.

Tier 1 supplier would concurrently be selling these exact parts to the auto parts aftermarket but without the Vehicle Manufacturer branding, at a lower price.

Customers oblivious of this fact tend to purchase Genuine parts, thus paying a premium to have a printed logo of the Vehicle Manufacturer on the car part, for what essentially is the same item.

Tier 1 Auto Spare Part suppliers tend to work closely with Vehicle Manufacturers, in some cases, Engineers from the Tier 1 companies are seconded to the factory and contribute to vehicle development alongside the car manufacturer.

Non-Genuine parts made by OEM/OE (Original equipment manufacturer) are a great lower cost substitute for Genuine Auto Spare parts, where the car part is of premium quality.

Aftermarket parts on the other hand are made by entirely separate manufacturers but are made to fit the vehicle.

However, the quality may not be up to the level of the OEM auto parts but that depends on the manufacturer, we at Ajalty.com, ensure that Auto Parts sold via our platform are from market trusted manufacturers.

Aftermarket parts will save customers large sums, these parts would typically cost in the range of 20-50% of the cost of Genuine auto spare parts.

The Auto Spare Parts purchase decisions can depend on a multitude of factors, includes but not limited to the following:

  • Customer budget
  • Vehicle age
  • Resale value
  • Availability of the Auto Parts.

If you need further help or advice on Auto Spare Parts, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our excellent customer support team at Contact us

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