Other than service parts, what Auto spare parts commonly fail or require replacing?

Service parts

Two items come to mind when talking about most frequent auto spare parts replaced due to wear, aside from tyres; these are brake pads and starter batteries.

In relation to batteries, heat typically acts as the main culprit of car battery degradation.

In the GCC heat, car batteries commonly last between 18 months and 2 years.

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Our car Batteries come with 18 months warranty.

It is highly inconvenient when batteries fail; therefore, Ajalty partnered up with a car battery doorstep installation partner to offer this service to our customers.

It is advised to always have a car battery jump kit on hand in the event doorstep installation service companies are not in proximity.

Jumping your starter battery is easy, you’ll need another car to do it.

Park the cars close to each other without touching, turn off the ignition of both cars, pop both bonnets open using the level handle inside the car (assuming the car battery is in the bonnet).

First, connect the positive terminal (red colour) to the dead battery’s positive clamp then connect the other positive clamp to the working vehicle’s positive clamp, ensure the cables are not touching any moving parts inside the engine compartment.

Then connect the negative clamp (black colour) to the working vehicle’s negative terminal, the other negative should be connected to the negative terminal of the dead battery or any exposed metal part in the dead car’s engine compartment.

Turn on the working vehicle, let it idle for a few seconds to allow the alternator to full charge the working car battery before turning on the dead battery car.

Remove the cables in reverse order and drive to a workshop or battery shop or drive home and let Ajalty take care of the rest.

Whether you end up purchasing your car battery from us or not, be sure to get a warranty on the starter battery, most reputable suppliers offer a one-year warranty on the car battery.

In the event the battery fails before the year elapses, you are eligible to have the battery replaced free of charge.

If you need help or advice on Auto Spare Parts online, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our excellent customer support team at Contact us

Brake pads, these are one of the most frequently replace car parts especially in Dubai and GCC countries.

This is because most car here are automatic thus drivers rely purely on the friction forces from the brake pad material to stop the vehicle.

The brake pads are hydraulically pressed onto the spinning steel disc rotor, converting the car’s kinetic energy to heat.

Brake pads are typically made of a steel backing plate which is attaches to the friction material; the friction material comes in different types:

  • Non-metallic; made of various materials and is easier on the disc rotors but wears quickly
  • Semi-metallic; synthetic material mixed with metal, resistant to brake fade but wears discs out faster
  • Fully metallic, as name suggests is made up of metal only, great stopping power but loud and wears disc rotors faster the non-metallic and semi-metallic pads.
  • Ceramic brake pads, are made up of clay and porcelain composites, produces dust particles but provides great balance between vehicle stopping power and brake pad longevity, however the heat generated may warp other brake components (best for use with ventilated disc rotors)

In some modern automobiles, Vehicle diagnostic systems warn drivers of thinning brake pads.

If this is not available, cars typically have a wear contact mechanical sensor which produces a metallic screeching sound.

If a driver hears this sound upon applying the brakes, then it is time to replace the brake pads.

It is advised to frequently inspect the thickness of your brake pads, this can be done visually or using a phone camera.

See below image of a worn brake pad with millimeters left on the friction material

For information on typical service parts, please read our blog on this topic

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